Safe babywearing is always the first and foremost consideration when using any kind of sling or carrier. Always keep your baby safeĀ and close to you, with an unobstructed airway and good head support. TheĀ TICKS guidelines and the ABC reminders are the most well-known guides to good positioning in any carrier and will help you to feel confident that your baby is well protected.

We hope these links will help you on your journey to positive, enjoyable and safe babywearing!



Here is an article about sling safety with young babies (the group most at risk) written by Rosie, a GP and BABI registered babywearing consultant from the Carrying Matters resource (and author of Why Babywearing Matters)

Here is what the BCIA has to say on the subject.

Here is an excellent safety leaflet made by a group of French Babywearing Consultants and translated by Slingababy.